The graphics for these projects were created using ArcGIS 9.1 as part of Geographical Information System (GIS) degree from Indiana University-Bloomington.



Japan Maps

A view of some of the maps used in a research project.  To create an interesting starter page, I created a simple Google SketchUp Model and pasted the maps on the top of the box models.

USA Japan School Map

Red Dots:  4 year Japanese B.A programs in the USA, 2006

Gray: Urban areas


A screenshot of a 3D animation used in this project.



Red Dots:  4 Year Japanese Degree Programs in the USA

Green Dots:  Toyota and Honda Manufacturing Plants in the Midwestern auto manufacturing region.  Dots are proportional to the number of employees at each manufacturing plant.

Gray:  Urban areas.


Forest Cover Change


This project involved the extremely time-consuming process of digitizing forest cover change by hand.   

GPS locator

This project was an experiment in the accuracy -or should I say inaccuracy- of consumer grade GPS devices.